Willa Frost is a main character of the Freeform drama series Beyond. She is portrayed by Dilan Gwyn.


Willa is a beautiful woman who appears to be interested in Holden and who warns him he is in great danger. She tells him that for the past 12 years, his body was dormant, but his consciousness was living a life.

After Willa was born, her mother Celeste fell into a coma. Her father, Isaac Frost, and grandfather, Arthur, tried repeatedly to bring Celeste back. Eventually, Isaac's experiments woke her for a moment, but she passed away soon after, claiming to have seen an Ocean of Light.  Celeste's death prompted Isaac to leave Willa, as he ultimately blamed her for her mother's death. Since then, Willa was raised by Arthur, traveling in and out of the Realm through a machine in Arthur's home.


Willa is very protective to the ones she cares for especially Holden.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has long, chestnut-brown colored hair and soft blue eyes. She is also around 5'3.


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