Season 2 is the second season of the Freeform American drama television series, Beyond. It was picked up for 10 episodes and will begin airing on January 18, 2018.[1]

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The cast and producers of the show, which had just been discussing the prospect of a second season onstage at TCA (Television Critics Association) in Pasadena, were floored when Tom Ascheim (Freeform Network President) popped onstage to give them the news of the renewal. "I think I blacked out just now," said Burkely Duffield right after. "To expand on the universe we’ve been able to create, I can’t think of anything better."

The show's executive producer, Tim Kring, also praised the announcement: "Audiences nowadays really know these things." he said. "They hang back because they don’t know whether to invest their time in something. It can really help build momentum for a show when they find out there’s enough commitment to a show — it’s a very courageous move."


Images Title Directed By Written By Original Airdate Production Code
Beyond 201 (24) Two Zero One TBA TBA January 18, 2018 201
Beyond 202 (8) Cheers, Bitch TBA TBA January 18, 2018 202
Beyond Banner2 No Es Bueno TBA TBA January 25, 2018 203
Beyond Banner2 Knock, Knock TBA TBA February 1, 2018 204
Beyond Banner2 Six Feet Deep TBA TBA February 8, 2018 205
Beyond Banner2 Bedposts TBA TBA February 15, 2018 206
Beyond Banner2 Stir TBA TBA February 22, 2018 207
Beyond Banner2 I Scream, You Scream TBA TBA March 1, 2018 208
Beyond Banner2 Untitled 2.09 TBA TBA March 8, 2018 209
Beyond Banner2 Untitled 2.10 TBA TBA March 15, 2018 210


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