{{Character |name = Isaac Frost |gender = female |image =77E8006E-19E4-4279-B561-8A18DC54148E-2520-0000028177C9C851.jpeg |age = late 40's - early 50's |hair_color = Grey |occupation = Owner/Founder of Hollow Sky |marital_status = Widowed |romances = [[(daughter) |rivals = |status = Comatose
Stuck in The Realm |portrayed_by = Martin Donovan |friends = Members of Hollow Sky |enemies = Arthur
Willa Frost
Holden Matthews |interests = Crossing the Ocean of Life to reunite with Celeste
Science |abilities = Manipulating}}Isaac Frost, portrayed by Martin Donovan, is a scientific researcher spearheading Hollow Sky's main project- contacting the afterlife. Ultimately he becomes lost in the Realm, and his body remains in a coma. He is also Willa's father.