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What happened to me?

Holden Matthews (b. February 17, 1991) is the main character of the Freeform drama series Beyond. He is portrayed by Burkley Duffield.


Holden wakes up in a hospital not realizing he's been in a coma for 12 years - emotionally still a teenager, physically an adult. He possesses supernatural abilities.


  • Telekinesis/Advanced Telekinesis Holden can cause objects to float. He stopped a bullet in mid-air. He can toss two grown men with little effort. He caused a whole house to shake during the house party.
  • Super Strength: Holden punches the ground (concrete ground), he sent three grown men flying, which cracked the ground as well.
  • Pyrokinesis: Holden set the computers on fire during his brain scan and melted the bobble heads in his room while he was sleep. He started a huge fire while he was at the house party.
  • Cyberkinesis: Holden caused the computer to bug out during his brain scan. He caused the DJ's system to stop working.
  • Healing: Holden didn't hurt his hand after punching the cement ground.He seems to heal faster than Kevin.
  • Astral Projection: Willa states that his body was laid in the hospital bed while his self-conscious was not.
  • Gravity Manipulation: As seen when he causes his enemies to float away


Holden is emotionally distraught but also trying to live a normal life, he's very caring about the people he loves, his family and his friends. He is a huge science geek. He is also very awkward. He is at times a bit temperamental which could be seen as a side effect of him trying to remember the past 12 years. He also seems to be emotionally attached to Willa.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Holden is a muscular brown haired and brown eyed male who is 5'8.


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